Newborn Encounters: Relationship-Based Referrals—Macon County

A Baby TALK project

Special Features

Baby TALK newborn encounter protocol and relationship based follow-up will be implemented and evaluated with families demonstrating risk factors in Macon County.

Dissemination Date

December 2013


Baby TALK has the opportunity to meet all families at the birth of their baby through the newborn encounter at the hospital. Many opportunities avail themselves at this encounter, including a relational screening for intensive support to families. This study will seek to discover the impact the relationship between the parent and the professional play in the success of the referral process, enrollment and longevity in continuation of services. The study will include the enrollment process within the local Baby TALK program and referrals to other community agencies including MIECHV. Relationship building strategies to be studied include: tools of conversation, timing and frequency of follow up phone calls/home visits and home visit with Baby TALK staff and the home visitor or referral agency to transition the family in a relational manner. The study will also include the impact of continuity of personnel in supporting families through the referral and enrollment period and a single person being responsible for coordinated intake.