Baby TALK Newborn Encounter RCT

A Baby TALK project


The Baby TALK Newborn Encounter Randomized Control Trial is a study designed to examine rigorously the differences in outcomes across parental competence, parental stress, and community connectedness based on whether the Newborn Encounter  was administered to new mothers or not. The study was launched in May 2015 with four data collection periods including recruitment with new mothers in local Decatur hospitals. The aim of this study is to provide preliminary rigorous evidence of the positive parental outcomes associated with Baby TALK’s Newborn Encounter protocol and this is done through randomly assigning new mothers to receive the Newborn Encounter, a cornerstone of the Baby TALK model. This efficacy study involving 150 mothers and their newborns will set the foundation for larger scale randomized control trials examining outcomes associated with the Newborn Encounter Protocol in the future. Impacts to be reported will be in the areas of parenting stress, parental sense of competence, and family connection to community resources.  Findings from the study will be shared in January 2016 at the completion of the study. 

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