Newborn Encounters

The birth of a child provides professionals with a remarkable opportunity to support parents at a time when they may feel anxious, alone and vulnerable. The newborn period may be the beginning of a professional’s relationship with the family as they adjust to the addition of a new baby.  Establishing an alliance with the parents as they allow you to enter their system of support will begin or enhance the Baby TALK trustworthy system of support.  Developmentalist Erik Erikson said that during infancy babies are learning about trust and mistrust. 

At Baby TALK, we believe that during this same period, parents are learning whether or not they can trust their system of care.  What can be provided that will make every parent of a newborn feel supported and able to trust that system of care?  If we use this opportunity well, we can facilitate the development of these new parents.  We can establish trust which parents may come to transfer to other helping agencies, medical providers, schools, etc. 

At every Baby TALK newborn encounter, the professional connects with the family over their shared interest in the baby promoting these four goals:

  • To “join” families in the beginning
  • To discover babies together with parents
  • To learn of the family’s needs
  • To offer supportive services and programs

Newborn Practice Rountable

The Illinois Newborn Practice Roundtable—a consortium of 50-plus professionals convened by Claudia Quigg, from many disciplines serving Newborn families—recognized the need for our state to begin to bring together “what we know” which can positively impact “what we do” in our services to Newborns and their families.  This document is a first step in compiling such information as a basis for our best practice with Newborns. 

What are your opportunities to grasp infant development opportunities, reflect on your practice, and reflect on program beliefs and opportunities? Click on the book cover below for a comprehensive resource guide! 

*Printing funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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