Home Visiting

Baby TALK Home Visits with families provide an unparalleled opportunity to engage parents around the development of their children. Baby TALK home visits/personal encounters focus on these goals:

  • To establish and deepen working relationships with families
  • To support the child’s development through strengthening the parent-child relationship
  • To empower parents to set goals for themselves and their children
  • To support families’ mastery in their growth and development

Personal encounters may happen in a variety of settings, most optimally in the home. Due to safety concerns, it may be necessary to conduct some encounters outside of the home.

Using Baby TALK’s Encounter Protocols leads professionals to use their time with families in a way that meets the family’s agenda, not our own. No prescribed curriculum would be perfect for every visit. The following Home Visiting Curriculum is a resource for professionals to use to meet the
individual needs of families.

The Baby TALK Home Visiting/Personal Encounter Curriculum spans from 1 month to 36 months of a baby’s development. Each month contains 5 weeks of curriculum for the home visitor to choose from. 

Flexible curriculum implementation is key in order to meet the specific needs of the family.

Exerpt from Baby TALK Professional Development Curriculum

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