What is the Baby TALK Model?

Baby TALK (Teaching Activities for Learning and Knowledge) is a community family support model which provides the framework to guide parent educators, teachers, social workers, family support specialists, nurses, physicians, librarians and city leaders in nurturing school readiness and optimal child development by supporting infants and toddlers and their parents.

  • The model provides a framework for community-based interventions through universal access beginning with a universal screen of families using a relationship-based approach at a newborn encounter.  Through these encounters, professionals can identify families who are most at-risk and who may qualify for intensive home visiting programs such as Early Head Start.
  • The model provides a research-based curriculum for intensive home visiting and early childhood programs with foundational developmental information from the perspective of the child, the parent and the professional who will come alongside this family supporting the parent/child relationship.
  • The model provides a relationship-based approach to working with families through the implementation of Critical Concepts and age-specific Protocols which are designed to create a framework for each Personal Encounter.