Why Baby TALK?

  • Baby TALK Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that has been used to support Parent and Family Engagement for 30 years across the country.
  • Baby TALK is an organization led by community outreach.  Baby TALK’s Model provides communities with an innovative solution to identifying the most at-risk families in your community and a community network to meet their needs. 
  • Baby TALK’s Approach to working with families provides professionals with the knowledge and resources to build trusting relationships with families.  Research shows us that the relationship between the professional and parent is the number one factor in impacting positive family outcomes.
  • Baby TALK Curriculum meets the Head Start Performance Standard 1302.51: Parent Activities to promote child learning and development.

Baby TALK Parenting Curriculum

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Samples include:  Developmental Perspective, Protocol, IELG Activity, complete Table of Contents, Pre-K, Parenting Issues and Homemade Toys.

Baby TALK is here to support your program!  For more information, email Baby TALK or call 217-475-2234.